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Exclusive Opportunities for Increasing Wealth

Private Network of Investors


A unique opportunity

Introducing a fund like no other.

The Integro Private Network combines the resolute power of Australia’s property sector with the dynamic uplift of options trading on the US stock market.

Members can share in the epic growth experiences of a fund designed for people looking to give back and celebrate along the way.

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How it works

A select group of 32 members have access to the Integro Private Network each year.

Network members are individuals and couples from all walks of life. However, they all desire to grow their wealth, enjoy life, learn, and leave a legacy.

The Integro Private Network is a fund that uses options to deliver fixed returns from fully predictable, non-speculative stock market strategies.

Further, the fund derives additional returns from feasible, low-risk real estate projects.

With returns levels increasing over time, members have an incentive to maximize their yields through long-term participation.*


Years of Experience


Members per fund




Penalties for Capital withdrawal

Choice of either Cashflow or Compounding

Why Integro

The Integro Private Network demonstrates what is possible when an exclusive community applies their collective strengths to an innovative and secure investment strategy.

The fund pays interest returns quarterly. However, members also have the option to reinvest their earnings.

The Integro Private Network is fully transparent, so there aren’t any added costs or hidden terms. We are a commission-free fund with all returns paid in US dollars. After just 18 months with the network, investors can retrieve their capital without penalties.

Most importantly, the Integro Private Network is about more than just ‘The Numbers’. Members enjoy various experiential activities and retreats and continuous access to support on wealth creation, personal growth and giving back.

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Who we are

We established the Integro Private Network to help people just like us. Whether you’re an individual, a couple, or a business executive, there’s a good chance you’re looking for a way to grow your wealth sustainably and enjoyably.

For more than 25 years, we’ve been working toward understanding which investment strategies work and which ones don’t. From Europe to America to Australia, we’ve lived and worked in countries across the world. We started with jobs in the corporate world and later created small businesses which grew over time.

Throughout this journey, the common factor has always been our desire to educate ourselves and grow to achieve bigger and better things. We wanted to learn how to invest, and ultimately, we became investors.

To this day, we continue to make investments: in businesses, where we work and retain equity, in real estate, in the stock market, and of course, in ourselves.

Elias & Maria

*The financial modelling provided is to be considered general information only and is not a representation that actual results or performance will be in accordance with what is outlined. Neither Integro Group Pty Ltd nor its Directors or any associated entities give any representation, warranty, assurance or guarantee that any investment or venture will result in any profit or return. Persons should conduct their own independent investigation and analysis of the opportunity and merits and risks of such opportunity before proceeding with any transaction.

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