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Imagine if every time we do business together,

something extra happens that positively impacts our world.

Our Impact

Every time we have new members joining our community, not only do they receive great returns on their investment, but it also triggers something good to happen in the world, with the help of B1G1.

Through our partnership with the Global Giving Initiative, we are able to make a difference to people in need around the world.

  • When a new Member joins our community, we rescue 1 meal for the hungry in Hong Kong.


  • When we have a conversation with a prospect member, we equip 1 local woman in Indonesia to become a health leader.


  • When we have a conversation with a Real Estate prospect partner, we provide 1 day of shelter to a person in the world.


  • When we close a trade with profits, we provide 1 day of access to sustainable water systems in Peru.

  • When each of our members celebrate his/her birthday, 1 intensive support session was given to a child in Colombia

  • When each of our members celebrate his anniversary as part of our community, 1 day of business training was provided

100% of Our Giving Goes Directly to the People Who Need It Most

B1G1 has a very unique giving model which means that 100% of our giving goes straight to the people who really need it.

When you choose to work with us, we’ll let you know about the specific impact you have made.

All Hands In

Giving back to those in need doesn’t just make you feel good, if done right, it can add to the community.

Our goal is to help educate the underprivileged, provide business training to help individuals out of the cycle of poverty, and support social entrepreneurs.

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